Monday, June 4, 2012

Quiet, My Clamorous Mind

This morning I was reminded of why it is important to pray before turning to sleep for the night. As long as we're alive, our mind is constantly working. Doubt, fear and disbelief hit me hard while I sleep. These things creep in when I'm not consciously able to confront them with the Word or awake to declare the promises of God.

Too many times I've awaken out of my slumber to find myself overwhelmed with worry. This is why the Word MUST BE IN US and we must seek to dwell on it day and night.

We must meditate on His Word and the promises within so that even in our sleep, we worship and God can/will be magnified in our hearts and minds.

PRAYING WITHOUT CEASING is real and NECESSARY in the life of the believer! Align your spirit with that of God and peace will sustain you, even while you sleep. ^_^
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