Thursday, July 31, 2014

"I'll Give You Somethin' to Cry ABOUT!"

As corny as some of these sound, the concept makes perfect sense. Part of our interaction with children is to teach by SHOWING them how to effectively communicate as we teach them other life lessons, manners, etc.

We have to start treating them as young "people" because well, they are. 

If we wouldn't allow other adults to speak to us so harshly, why should we do the same to mere children?

Furthermore, the age old adage that "children should be seen, not heard" needs to be put to rest. We teach children the importance of timing and tact, key elements in healthy communication and building healthy relationships, when we allow them to speak their minds and express themselves. This also aids in healthy emotional/psychological development. No one likes to be "shut down" every time they attempt to share how they feel/what they think. 

Of course there will always be exceptions based on specific children and situations but keep this thinking in mind the next time you speak to a child.

Really, taking this approach and working to be patient enough to ask our youth questions about their behavior/feelings helps to improve their comprehension and enables them to be able to think for themselves and adequately convey what they're feeling.

I tell children (and teens) all the time, "use your words" and "I need you to be able to tell me WHY you feel the way you feel or WHY you're behaving in this way".

When I was growing up, "I dunno" was NOT an acceptable answer!

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Life of Mediocrity

Last weekend, as I scanned through radio channels on my drive home from DC, I landed on a message from a (not so) random Bible teaching. The young minister's words immediately struck a chord in my heart, "No believer should ever be bored." We were created to create. "If the believer is bored it is because they are not seeking ways to be creative."

We were not created to live a life of mediocrity. 

The few words that I received from that short sermon, before losing my radio signal with the rolling hills of northern Virginia, reminded me of all the times I allowed myself to be "bored" with life or the tasks that it would take for me to reach the level of greatness that I was created to reach.

All throughout my school-age years, teachers, school counselors and mentors (and my parents) would plead with me, " could do so much if you would just apply yourself?!"

For example, because I am naturally a decent writer and overall lover of words, I would often wait until the last minute to do the work it took to write a solid paper, oftentimes having points deducted for turning my assignment in late. I cannot count the times I received my latest effort back from my teacher with zero red marks or notes on it because there were no red marks to be found. The paper had been perfectly written yet, at the top of the page was a big red B- because the paper had been turned in late.

As a sprinter/hurdler in track and field, I always came in second place. Literally, I was never first. Just as I reached the finish line, on the heels of state champion Maisha Prewitt (yeah, I remember her name...Lol), I would give up. Somewhere along the line I threw out the idea of actually, FINALLY beating her and I found myself cool with doing just enough to be considered good at what I did. Now at 34 years old, I'm still working to break those old habits and although it hasn't been easy, it has been WELL worth it!

As I continue growing spiritually and creatively, I am beginning to truly believe and understand all that I was created to be. While I may have never had dreams of reaching the Olympics or being awarded Poet Laureate, who's to say that I couldn't have done both had I truly put forth the effort to be my best and not just good at what I loved to do?

Here's the great thing about life:

As long as we have breath in our bodies, we are more than able to be whatever our heart's desire. As corny and cliché as it may sound, it's true. At what point will you determine that you are tired of living a life of mediocrity? At one point will you finally "apply yourself"?

Me? I begin today and I will apply myself in greater measure every day that I am allowed to live.

God will take our mediocre attitude and/or habits and clear out the doubt and excuses that keep us from reaching our full potential.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


That moment when God reminds you that you don't need the people you thought you did to achieve the things you dream of achieving >

Let God provide the divine connections and resources needed to bring your vision to fruition. Stop relying on people who aren't part of the Master('s) plan.

"I have stood tall in the presence of God and bowed in worship at His feet...NO MAN or WOMAN on this entire Earth is so great that I cannot be in their presence. GOD goes before me wherever He leads. Walk in confidence onto the path that God has prepared for you! Fear NO MAN!" 
(c) 2013 'Heart of a Queen - Poetry and Prose from the Soul'

Friday, January 17, 2014

I GOT...FIRED!!!!!!

Okay so, I’m being a tad bit dramatic, but this past Wednesday, for the first time since I began working at the ripe old age of fifteen, I was “let go” from my position as a receptionist for a television production company.

Amazingly, even after I received the call from the company president to “come see me in my office”, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. “Whelp Lord. Here we go”, I said aloud as I boarded the elevator to the second floor. Although at peace, I chuckled at the fluttering in my heart as I entered the President’s office to find him, the exec in charge and the head of HR all sitting, awaiting my arrival.

*cues suspenseful music*

But look, this isn’t about my current state of unemployment, or how much I'll miss my job as a receptionist for a REALLY dope television production company that creates shows for major cable networks. I'll spare you the details. 

Purpose and Provision

During the meeting, while the big man was explaining the whys and whats, I did eventually cry because well, it's kinda what I do. But my tears were not chased through my eyes by fear in my heart, they were evidence of the well of gratitude that had been poured into me for the past two years. 

I cried because while these three business execs sat apologizing to me for no longer being able to "afford the luxury of paying someone to answer the phones", I laughed through my tears and thanked them, with a full heart, for every opportunity they afforded me. 

Honestly, in the two years I sat at that desk answering phones, ordering office supplies and entertaining talent waiting for their call-time, I have done more to bring the vision for my craft and my business to fruition than I had done since leaving the Air Force in 2005 to pursue the same vision.

Let me tell you about it...(see the *fairly short but amusing* video below) 

So, Now What? 

When accepting the peace and purposes of God in faith, there are no "buts"...Will there be uncertainties? Of course. Will there be doubts? Mos def. However, you'll either choose to trust Him or you won't. #iTrustHim 

My choice to remain positive in the face of adversity isn't based on blind faith, naiveté or even arrogance. It is based on PURPOSE. 

I can't even get mad at those who don't find my "silver lining" perspective as realistic...Not everyone is in the same place in their faith walk. But I trust that my life will show what it means to trust God and His purposes.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a Gospel - Just Do It | Day 6 | #BlogADay

"This is that moment in life when clichés are more than mere rhetoric
"Just do it" becomes gospel
That moment when
Excuses sound easier than the plan
When sleep soothes the pain better than the idea pushing to bring it to fruition

In this moment
Yesterday's failure is either a costly, wandering stream of spilled milk seeping into today
Or the fresh breath of every possibility at birth
May your cries be declarations that this life will thrive..."

Excerpt from 'a Gospel' by Nina C. Brewton (c) 2013

This video from Adrian Bryant sums up exactly how I'm currently feeling in life. Even though he uses the conditioning of athletes to demonstrate his points, the message can apply to anyone: The student, the entrepreneur, the artist...whatever your vision has purposed for your life, "may your cries be declarations that this life with thrive..."

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Time It Will Take | Day 5 | #BlogADay

Piggy-backing off of yesterday's blog, I received this from +Sweetlocs Taylor this morning.

You cannot turn the corner until you get to it. In order to create a breakthrough, you must lay the groundwork for it.

Real value is built with time, effort and commitment. Don’t cheat yourself out of that value by demanding instant results.

When you’re moving in a positive direction, enjoy the ride and give it the time it takes. Even though the fulfillment is not yet complete, you can already begin to experience it.

Don’t be afraid of the time it will take to make real progress. Be thankful for the opportunity to make an increasingly valuable difference as time goes on.

There is great joy to be found in meaningful effort. The longer and more committed the effort is, the more joy you are able to experience.

Cheerfully give yourself and your work the time it takes. Choose a worthy destination, and treasure every step of the journey.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Grow Where You're Planted | Day 4 | #BlogADay

Every day can't be the best day, but every day can be a great day! A great day is had when we find the strength to focus on being grateful for what we have and content with where we currently are. This is by no means a pass to become complacent but those moments will find that we are constantly and consistently growing and becoming.

There are going to be days when we feel like we're at a stand still or worse, spinning our wheels, digging ourselves deeper and deeper into  Those days where nothing seems to be leaning in your favor, everything appears to be going wrong or falling apart.

But do not fret!

In those moments in life when you don't know which way to go or when you feel like you're not hearing the voice of God, give thanks and take that time to prepare for the vision as you see it. Preparation based on your vision will find you prepared to make a move once the move is revealed.

Find peace where you are while allowing yourself to become all that you've been created to be. Even trees continue growing while their seeds mature, until they are carried away by the winds...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hunger Feeds Hunger | Day 3 | #BlogADay

As humans we have the responsibility to care for mankind and meet the needs of others through our giving. 

As artists and business-minded people we are able to feed the same perpetual hunger that is within everyone to dream and to see that dream come to fruition. Too often, we allow our own hunger to keep us from giving someone else what they need to realize their dreams. 

Hunger comes in many forms. We all have physical (bread), creative, emotional needs, etc. The hunger of the individual changes based on their individual need. Your experiences and current position in life are thus so that you may use them to meet the need of someone else. 

Do not allow your own hunger to keep you from feeding someone else's. We live a life of abundance, leaving enough for everyone. 

The question is are you willing to give as needed?

2 Corinthians 9

Friday, January 3, 2014

Love Your Lane | Day 2 | Pt. 2 | #BlogADay

What About Me?

I do not consider myself a just a singer nor a musician but rather an artist and an entrepreneur. After years of "supporting" other artists with constant road-trips to events, posts and emails about their new albums, books, gigs, etc., God spoke to me ever so clearly, telling me that the time had come for me to focus on His will for my life. Now, while sowing is required before a harvest, we cannot get so caught up in the sowing that we don't prepare for the harvest!

During this time, it occurred to me that I conveniently neglected my own spark. This flame, continuously extinguished because I was too busy adding fuel to others' fires, often too tired and worn to put forth any effort to bring my own vision to fruition. I was guilty of believing in the talents and abilities of others more than I believed in myself and THIS is not how God created us to be. If I am a creation of The Creator, why am I not creating?

I was guilty of believing in the talents and abilities of others more than I believed in myself and THIS is not how God created us to be. If I am a creation of The Creator, why am I not creating?

A final lesson: Over the years I've come to understand the greater purpose of discernment. With that I've learned that, although my name may not mean much to the masses, it is mine. I've had to learn the hard way that my name can't be associated with every name. Once that association has been made, it is nearly impossible to disassociate yourself. Choose wisely...

I cannot stress how important walking in purpose and using discernment is in our business and ministry dealings. As with our romantic relationships, just because someone is good to us, doesn't mean they are good for us!

I am grateful for every connection and supporter that I am blessed to have shining light on the vision that God has given me. I am most grateful for 

Peace, Love and Light,


Love Your Lane | Day 2 | Pt. 1 | #BlogADay

The Purpose Driven Church

This idea that members of various artistic communities around the country refuse to support one another is not totally true. While every community has it's "divas", the majority are very humble, hard-working people, doing all they can to find their way along the path that they've been called to.

The truth of the matter is, many of the people in our artistic community are merely associates in passing. They are familiar faces whom we recognize from our social media networks and/or from being out and about in our respective cities. With people's individual endeavors, day jobs and family obligations, one can't possibly be there to support everything that everyone in their community has on the calendar.

With that being said...

Our circle of direct support is often just like our circle of "BFF's": The fewer the better. Quality is truly better than quantity and I personally, would rather have 10 or fewer SOLID people in my core who can influence their respective communities than have 100+ people "support" me out of presumed obligation based on familiarity, community or association. (See diagram from "The Purpose Driven Church"). Having a strong, smaller core is essential to impacting the masses.

Not everyone's purpose is directly related to mine and that's okay! I'm learning to LOVE MY LANE, trusting that God has appointed every connection I need to bring HIs purpose to fruition and an audience prepared to receive what I have to offer!

Peace, Love and Light,


Continue reading: Part Two

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ready? Set...GOALS! | Day 1 | #BlogADay

Happy New Year!!!

I've never been a fan of New Year's resolutions. I figure, I'm either on the horse or I'm not. I'm not going to waste time talking about what I plan to do beginning January 1st...(or second because who really wants to put forth any effort on New Year's Day?) I mean, I don't want to be a hypocrite, right?

This is what I've found to be my biggest hindrance when it comes to maintaining momentum after mid-February: 

PACE: In the past I've been terrible at pacing myself, often succumbing to burnout after weeks of working out, fasting and/or waking early in the morning for devotional/time of prayer. To be successful in anything, consistency is key and to be consistent, we must be disciplined and prepared to move forward steadily. Sometimes this means taking the smallest tasks and work to make them a consistent part of our routines.

In 2013 I learned two valuable lessons (I learned MANY but I'll share these two):

1) KNOW. YOUR. WORTH. (more on this in the next week)
2) Even SMALL steps can produce BIG results
P.A.C.E. = Productivity and Acceleration through Consistency and Excellence
This year, I've taken a different approach. We've all heard the scripture encouraging us to "...write the vision and make it plain..." This is a guaranteed step in the process of progress so, I created an actual vision statement for myself:

Vision: Spread peace, love and light to the masses through the spoken and written word, music and divine relationships.

This vision statement is included at the top of a list of goals. This list includes everything that I would like to accomplish in my personal and professional life before the end of 2014. Some goals are weekly and others monthly, while many are quarterly. ALL will require daily improvements to my work habits, organization and disciplines.

So far this plan of action seems to be working!!! I am excited to say that even before the end of 2013, two of the goals on my list have already come to fruition!!!

I look forward to sharing with you all that God allows me to see, hear and experience with you this year! Please encourage your friends and family members to subscribe to my monthly email for more inspiration and to keep up with my schedule of events!!! ;-)  

Blessings to you, today and always!