Friday, January 17, 2014

I GOT...FIRED!!!!!!

Okay so, I’m being a tad bit dramatic, but this past Wednesday, for the first time since I began working at the ripe old age of fifteen, I was “let go” from my position as a receptionist for a television production company.

Amazingly, even after I received the call from the company president to “come see me in my office”, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. “Whelp Lord. Here we go”, I said aloud as I boarded the elevator to the second floor. Although at peace, I chuckled at the fluttering in my heart as I entered the President’s office to find him, the exec in charge and the head of HR all sitting, awaiting my arrival.

*cues suspenseful music*

But look, this isn’t about my current state of unemployment, or how much I'll miss my job as a receptionist for a REALLY dope television production company that creates shows for major cable networks. I'll spare you the details. 

Purpose and Provision

During the meeting, while the big man was explaining the whys and whats, I did eventually cry because well, it's kinda what I do. But my tears were not chased through my eyes by fear in my heart, they were evidence of the well of gratitude that had been poured into me for the past two years. 

I cried because while these three business execs sat apologizing to me for no longer being able to "afford the luxury of paying someone to answer the phones", I laughed through my tears and thanked them, with a full heart, for every opportunity they afforded me. 

Honestly, in the two years I sat at that desk answering phones, ordering office supplies and entertaining talent waiting for their call-time, I have done more to bring the vision for my craft and my business to fruition than I had done since leaving the Air Force in 2005 to pursue the same vision.

Let me tell you about it...(see the *fairly short but amusing* video below) 

So, Now What? 

When accepting the peace and purposes of God in faith, there are no "buts"...Will there be uncertainties? Of course. Will there be doubts? Mos def. However, you'll either choose to trust Him or you won't. #iTrustHim 

My choice to remain positive in the face of adversity isn't based on blind faith, naiveté or even arrogance. It is based on PURPOSE. 

I can't even get mad at those who don't find my "silver lining" perspective as realistic...Not everyone is in the same place in their faith walk. But I trust that my life will show what it means to trust God and His purposes.

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