Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a Gospel - Just Do It | Day 6 | #BlogADay

"This is that moment in life when clichés are more than mere rhetoric
"Just do it" becomes gospel
That moment when
Excuses sound easier than the plan
When sleep soothes the pain better than the idea pushing to bring it to fruition

In this moment
Yesterday's failure is either a costly, wandering stream of spilled milk seeping into today
Or the fresh breath of every possibility at birth
May your cries be declarations that this life will thrive..."

Excerpt from 'a Gospel' by Nina C. Brewton (c) 2013

This video from Adrian Bryant sums up exactly how I'm currently feeling in life. Even though he uses the conditioning of athletes to demonstrate his points, the message can apply to anyone: The student, the entrepreneur, the artist...whatever your vision has purposed for your life, "may your cries be declarations that this life with thrive..."

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