Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ready? Set...GOALS! | Day 1 | #BlogADay

Happy New Year!!!

I've never been a fan of New Year's resolutions. I figure, I'm either on the horse or I'm not. I'm not going to waste time talking about what I plan to do beginning January 1st...(or second because who really wants to put forth any effort on New Year's Day?) I mean, I don't want to be a hypocrite, right?

This is what I've found to be my biggest hindrance when it comes to maintaining momentum after mid-February: 

PACE: In the past I've been terrible at pacing myself, often succumbing to burnout after weeks of working out, fasting and/or waking early in the morning for devotional/time of prayer. To be successful in anything, consistency is key and to be consistent, we must be disciplined and prepared to move forward steadily. Sometimes this means taking the smallest tasks and work to make them a consistent part of our routines.

In 2013 I learned two valuable lessons (I learned MANY but I'll share these two):

1) KNOW. YOUR. WORTH. (more on this in the next week)
2) Even SMALL steps can produce BIG results
P.A.C.E. = Productivity and Acceleration through Consistency and Excellence
This year, I've taken a different approach. We've all heard the scripture encouraging us to "...write the vision and make it plain..." This is a guaranteed step in the process of progress so, I created an actual vision statement for myself:

Vision: Spread peace, love and light to the masses through the spoken and written word, music and divine relationships.

This vision statement is included at the top of a list of goals. This list includes everything that I would like to accomplish in my personal and professional life before the end of 2014. Some goals are weekly and others monthly, while many are quarterly. ALL will require daily improvements to my work habits, organization and disciplines.

So far this plan of action seems to be working!!! I am excited to say that even before the end of 2013, two of the goals on my list have already come to fruition!!!

I look forward to sharing with you all that God allows me to see, hear and experience with you this year! Please encourage your friends and family members to subscribe to my monthly email for more inspiration and to keep up with my schedule of events!!! ;-)  

Blessings to you, today and always!

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