Friday, October 25, 2013

If I Were to Die...

You ever stop to consider what the world would be like without you? More specifically, what would your workplace be like without you...

While we should all strive for excellence in all we do, it is equally important to establish and maintain BALANCE when it comes to our need for down-time, fun-time, family-time, etc.

Consider this: Lord forbid, that for some reason you were left incapacitated, somehow unable to get to work, know that the show would go on! We can all be replaced in the blink of an eye so, while striving for excellence or climbing that professional ladder, do not allow work to keep you from living the rest of your life.

When you take a lunch break, TURN YOUR PHONE OFF! Actually LEAVE the building, even if you just take a lap or two around the block, it is important to take a break from projects and tasks. ***You'll also find that you'll be rejuvenated and more productive upon your return to the office!***

After heading home for the evening, don't forward your office phone to your personal phone. Use an app like Hootsuite to schedule emails/tweets/posts in advance so that you won't have to stop what you're doing throughout the weekend to send those important messages.

Even for those who are self-employed, establish and honor your working hours. There's a lot of talk of "the grind" and hustlin' while others are sleeping but what good is success if you're unable to enjoy the fruit of your labor because you're always busy "grinding" or straight up too exhausted and/or sick to enjoy your down-time?

It's not enough to merely exist. Take the time today to LIVE!

Decide today that you will maximize your time in a way that is best for not only you but for those who love you. Determine to spend more time doing the things you love, not just the things you think are most important to get ahead in life. Be willing to make YOU your priority and allow God to direct your steps regarding the details!

Relax and learn to just be...
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