Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Gospel of Now (0500)

This is that moment in life when clichés are more than mere rhetoric
"Just do it"is gospel
That moment when
Excuses sound easier than the plan
When sleep soothes better than the pain

That moment when
Yesterday's failure is either a costly, wandering stream of spilled milk seeping into today
Or the breath of every possibility at birth
May your cry be a declaration

Less than 100 won't be enough today
Yes you awake with barely twenty
Where is your passion?
Did you waste its value on a lover who was never yours to have?
Or did you bury it
Beneath the weight of every regret you've ever consumed?

Neither was it in the yesterday you left behind
That spark abandoned
Extinguished by haunting doubts
As the sun so graciously rises on your tomorrow

Passion inspires from within
It breeds infinite possibilities waiting to take their first breath
Procrastination kills progress but, you're no murderer
Do not abort your dreams before you ever feel them kick

They are alive withinyou
Purpose made love to faith
Creating your vision
Just because you have yet to see them
Doesn't mean that they don't share your heart beat

He's not coming back,but you're still here
Your regrets aren’t as strong as the life within you
It has no hands with which to hold on with
If it's close, it's because you refuse to release it

Run with all your might
Press with all you've got
Passion isn't meant for tomorrow
It's purposed for the moment you wake

Dreaming is meant for sleep
Life is meant to belived with passion
As passion needs life to live
Rediscover yours
Let it breath, rekindling it's fire
Then, walk on out the gospel
Just do it

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