Monday, January 7, 2008

Mission Statement

"'Out the Blocks' and 'Be Inspired' were created to address the issues facing today's teenagers and young adults, helping to prepare them to grow through the building of self-confidence, self-awareness and the knowledge of God. Using the spoken Word, poetry, literature and song, it is my hope to inspire others to live the life they were created to live, not according to their own plans but to recognize the pre-destined purpose for their lives and to teach them to plan accordingly."

"My personal mission is to bring glory to God by allowing others to see into my life; my past pains, failures, joys and victories alike, teaching lessons learned with prayers that someone's life will be made easier, by the example of my own."

Today is just the beginning. God has big things in store and I look forward to being obedient. I have had some technological issues for the past couple of days but as the old folk say, "the devil is a lie!" I'm still working out the video blog part. I am so far from being technology savvy that it's not funny. I need a good digital video camera…or something. I have a webcam but it's not as clear as I thought it'd be once we size it and this and that…PRAISE GOD ANYHOW! I am confident that God will do what He says now that I'm doing what He said do!!!

Thank you Lord, for another chance to say, "Yes!"

My prayer...Father God, I come to you humbly Lord, asking that you touch my heart and my mind…and also the hearts and minds of those who may read this blog. Lord, I thank you for the support and pray that you continue to give me the confidence to step out in faith with the same zeal that I once stepped out into the world…give me more Lord! I want to live for you and you only. Help me to live according to your whole Word and more specifically 1 Tim 4:12. I pray that through my life, you receive glory and honor…I begin by giving my gifts back to you, Lord in trusting that you will do what you said…I love you and I praise your Holy name. Again, bless those who read this blog, who support my growth both believers and unbelievers alike. Show yourself strong oh Lord…in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.
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