Friday, February 1, 2008

Your World Through My Eyes

Some say this is the time of your life
I agree yet
Wonder if you know it
Do you know that now could make
Or break
Your life
Your will
I see how you yearn
Long for something more…
…but don’t know what’s missing
And search under sweaty covers
Try to cover the stench of doubt in fragrant oils
Paint over your weary smile
You rock your freak’em dress
Walking around circles
in stilettos
And try to show that you don’t really care
By showing it all
You can’t wash it away…trust me…
I’ve tried
I try...
...I can’t...
I want to tell you that life
Doesn’t have to be this hard
That you are what you are
Who you are
There’s a voice inside
That tells you who
Who has the key to your creation
But you listen to the one that
“I know what I’m doing…”
You are a woman…
…You are not "in love" with your best friend
You deserve more than what he's giving
You are more than you can imagine
Do not start this life by
More than
How can you
Why won’t you
Love yourself
And sometimes
Just listen
I have been in your world with clouded eyes
A broken heart
And a need for more
Now see your world through mine
See what can be
When I tell you that
Life doesn’t have to be so hard
The decisions you make now…
I love you more than you know
I mean...
...I want you
love you
more than you know how
And learn
From the voice in your heart…
…not the one in your mind
the voices of those who
Love you
Open your eyes
As I pray for your world through mine
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