Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Empty Gestures

...fulfill no purpose.

In everything that I do, I strive to do with intention and with purpose. I am learning day by day that it is not enough to be driven by passion or my emotions. Until I add knowledge then wisdom to my passion, I am being moved by mere emotion -- and this is not enough!

In all of our protesting and "standing for justice" BE RESPONSIBLE in exercising our rights.
  1.  KNOW THEM (your rights). Every RIGHT still has laws attached to it and they often vary from state to state. Make certain that while you're practicing you're "rights", you're not breaking the law.
  2. Consider how you can BEST and MOST EFFECTIVELY create positive change. I can't stress this enough.
For example: 

  • Not tipping a white waitress until justice is served...not really holding any weight in the judicial system.What THIS act DOES do is perpetuate the stereotype that Blacks don't tip well. 
Note: Based on my personal experience as a waitress, Black consumers are often the worst tippers (along with church folk and military service-members) so, yeah. It would appear to me that this young lady is using injustice as an excuse for not tipping when she likely wouldn't have anyway. #ImJustSayin

  • Randomly wearing a hoodie and sign to a random mall in your town...not really holding any weight in the judicial system. This young man was arrested in my hometown of Wichita, KS. 
Do I, personally, feel that this young man should have been arrested for refusing to remove his hoodie and sign while in the mall? Of course not! Do I think this young man made the BEST decision in his attempt to "stand for something" so he won't "fall for anything"? NO.

  • Boycotting local malls and businesses until justice is served...not really holding any weight in the judicial system. 

Our passion can be a powerful tool but I personally believe the fight is with our right to vote and voting locally AND nationally. The dollar DEFINITELY holds weight but only when it's IN the right hands and/or TAKEN FROM the wrong hands.

  • Now, THIS...this is just downright STUPID. Along with rioting and looting. Generally, the very community where the persons you say you're working to bring justice to are the only communities that get destroyed during riots. Just don't...*smh*

So yes, be mindful of where you spend your money but most importantly, make sure to go make an EDUCATED VOTE in your next local election where the political shift BEGINS.

COMMUNICATE with your delegates and state representatives. Write letters, make the calls, LEARN THE LAWS. In this technological age, there is NO EXCUSE for ignorance so, DON'T BE IGNORANT.

*All photos taken from our beloved Facebook.
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