Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Social Media Marketing 101: Lazy Consumers

It is said that we have become lazy with the ever-changing enhancements in the technological world. Particularly as consumers. We want what we want NOW with as little hassle as possible.

Now, I'm no marketing expert but, as a consumer, I totally agree.

As an artist and business owner, I've learned that I CANNOT afford to be on the same side of the coin with consumers when it comes to being "lazy".

With that being said:

Social Media Marketing 101: ALWAYS provide links to the event, item or person you're looking to promote.

If you're a designer and you post pics of specific items on your various social media networks and those items are available in your online boutique, POST A LINK to EACH individual item.

If you're a model, photographer, etc. provide LINKS to your portfolio!

Another example: When I post pics of myself, I make it a point to not only tag the photographer and stylist that I work with but I include links to BOTH individual's pages to help promote our collaboration as a whole.

You want to make the transmission of pertinent information as SIMPLE as possible for your potential clientele. 
Tag your page on FB. Tag names. Provide hyperlinks in blogs. ESPECIALLY if there is money to be made!!!!!

The fewer clicks people have to make to get to you and your event/product, THE BETTER!
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